• My MULTI-YEAR Charlotte Mason Inspired Naturalist Homeschool Planner is here!


    I wanted something in a simple, minimalist style and I needed something that would work for multiple children.  Many homeschool planners that are out today don’t take into account your method of homeschooling.  


    They’ll cover the basics – math, science, reading, phonics, etc.  However, when it comes to habit training, composers, artists and poets; those subjects that are somewhat a hallmark of the Charlotte Mason method of schooling, well, it makes scheduling on paper a little tricky and cumbersome.


    So, here’s my solution!


    Each Naturalist Planner comes with…

    ---Planning Sheets for Terms 1-3
    ---Weekly Lesson Planning Sheets with spaces for each child, and then a box to plan out the subjects that you’ll cover together
    ---Attendance Sheets (for those whose state requires it)
    ---Score Tracking Sheets for grading per assignment (for those whose state requires it)
    ---Book Log
    ---Field Trip planning sheet
    ---Curriculum List
    ---Wish List
    ---Note Pages
    ---Easy Lunch List (so that you can keep a quick reference for those days when lunch time sneaks up on you and you’re out of ideas!)
    ---A choice of 2 different covers
    ---BONUS: 4 printable word art quotes to place in your planner or to print out for your school area!



    I’ve changed some of the covers and dates so that this planner can be used for multiple years – keep printing as long as you’d like!  The only pages that are date-specific are the cover sheets that are included.  BUT, lucky for you, if you subscribe to my blog at www.vintagekidsmodernworld.com, you’ll be able to download a NEW COVER each month as I release them!


    You'll also find...

    ---Additional weekly lesson planning sheets with 3 layouts to choose from – for 1, 2, or 3 children, from which you can print multiples for larger families.
    ---A daily routine sheet for you to plan out the over-all flow of your day with each child (so you can remember who is doing what, when!)
    ---Calendar cover sheets with beautiful quotes to separate the months in your planner.
    ---Handwriting sheets for your early learners and for beginning narration and dictation.
    ---2 NEW cover options – PLUS, I’ll be releasing one new cover sheet every month for you to download for free, for subscribers to the blog (www.vintagekidsmodernworld.com)!


    And make sure to visit www.vintagekidsmodernworld to download the FREE 2017-2018 Naturalist Homeschool Planning Calendar that corresponds with the planner!

    Charlotte Mason Inspired MULTI YEAR Naturalist Homeschool Planner

    • You will receive the complete planner as a digital download upon purchase.

      *This is a digital product - not a pre-printed planner*