Victoria’s Secret Has A New Line of Undies Made for Pre-teens

If you’ve been following Vintage Kids for very long, you’re used to our posts on recipes, homemade this-and-thats and the occasional cloth diaper post!

After posting very strong statements on the new Common Core Curriculum, and now this article, you’re going to think we’ve become political activists!  Far from it, but then again, who better to become active than MOMS…

We started Vintage Kids – not to become involved in political discourse, but because we wanted to raise vintage kids in a modern world and it’s time to speak out.

Victoria's Secret Has A New Line Of Undies - For Pre-teens

I’m asking you to take a few minutes to read these articles.  The first one explains that this Spring, Victoria’s Secret is launching a new line called “Bright Young Thing”, which is being marketed to pre-teen girls.

“The new brand called, “Bright Young Things,” includes lace black cheeksters with the word “Wild” emblazoned on it, green and white polka-dot hipsters screen printed with “Feeling Lucky?” and a lace trim thong with the words, “Call me” on the front. “

Read more here: Victoria’s Secret Is Coming For Your Middle Schooler

The second article was written in light of the first and I couldn’t have said it better myself.  Please head over to We Are That Family  and read Raising Daughters in a World That Devalues Them: 7 Things We Must Tell Them

And finally, it’s time to speak out on social media.  Please go to Victoria’s Secret Facebook page and leave a post, letting them know that as mothers and fathers, we are not going to allow our daughters to be devalued and preyed upon.  You can also let them know how you feel on twitter  at @VictoriasSecret and use the hash tag #STOPBrightYoungThing

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