Charlotte Mason-Inspired 2015-2016 Naturalist Homeschool Planner

WAIT!  Check out the NEW Multi Year Version here, available as of June 13, 2016

(the 2015-2016 version is still available for purchase at a discounted price for a limited time)


My 2015-2016 Charlotte Mason-inspired Naturalist Homeschool Planner is here!

I wanted something in a simple, minimalist style and I needed something that would work for multiple children.  Many homeschool planners that are out today don’t take into account your method of homeschooling.  They’ll cover the basics – math, science, reading, phonics, etc.  However, when it comes to habit training, composers, artists and poets; those subjects that are somewhat a hallmark of the Charlotte Mason method of schooling, well, it makes scheduling on paper a little tricky and cumbersome.

So, here’s my solution!

Each Naturalist Planner comes with…

  1. Planning Sheets for Terms 1-3

  2. A Master Planning Weekly Sheet to lay out the flow of each week

  3. Weekly Lesson Planning Sheets with spaces for each child, and then a box to plan out the subjects that you’ll cover together

  4. Attendance Sheets (for those whose state requires it)

  5. Score Tracking Sheets for grading per assignment (for those whose state requires it)

  6. Book Log

  7. Curriculum List

  8. Wish List

  9. Easy Lunch List (so that you can keep a quick reference for those days when lunch time sneaks up on you and you’re out of ideas!)

  10. A choice of 2 different covers

  11. BONUS: 4 printable word art quotes to place in your planner or to print out for your school area!

Take a look…

(HINT: Each of the pages above correspond with the FREE Charlotte Mason-inspired calendar pages here on my blog!)

Here’s a look at the Term One planning sheet…

…And the Field Trip Planning Sheet and Attendance Sheets…

And you’ll be able to access both cover options…

You’ll find Galatians 6:9, a favorite verse of mine (that was written for homeschool moms, if you ask me...) and some of my favorite Charlotte Mason quotes.  These will print out on 8.5×11 sheets of paper so that you can add them to your planner, or you can print them for display in your homeschool area – get creative and let me know where you put them! Take a look!

Over the next week, I’ll be sharing how I use my planner and how I set it up!  Make sure that you’re subscribed so that you don’t miss the upcoming planning series and my curriculum haul for 2015-2016!

Now, for the best part!  The proceeds from each planner will go towards funding our adoption!  We are incredibly antsy to complete our fundraising and each purchase gets us closer!

Thank you for supporting us and for partnering with us!  I hope this little planner helps tie up the loose ends in your planning process and makes it a little more aesthetically pleasing to boot!     ………………………………….


This version (2015-2016) is still available for purchase at the NEW LOW PRICE of $3 for a limited time!!

It will work wonderfully and is easily adaptable to any calendar year of schooling, but….the NEW multi-year planner has some great new updates, new pages and a new weekly layout for assignments.  You might want to check it out here!


Now, to answer a few questions…

  1. Can I return my planner if I decide that I don’t like it? I think you’re truly going to love it, so hopefully this won’t come up.  However, when it comes to returns, sorry, but once you’ve decided to buy it, it’s yours.  It’s an instant download and is not refundable.

  2. Can I share this planner with other homeschooling mamas? YES! Please do! Tell your co-op buddies, your IG friends and your hairdresser, but don’t send them your files and please don’t print them out their own copy.  All of the money that’s raised here on this blog goes to help fund our adoption, so the more people that you tell, the better!  The files that you are purchasing are from me to you, so on scout’s honor, please just send her here to my blog!

  3. What if I have more than 2 children?  Then feel free to print as many weekly lesson planning sheets as need be!  You can print them double sided if need be, so that you have 2 sheets facing you when they’re in a 3-ring binder, thus providing space to plan for 4 children at a time.  More than 4 kids? (holy smokes)  Then you’ll need to print multiple double-sided sheets.  I’m working on an additional lesson planning layout that will accommodate up to 8 children.  Subscribe to the blog, so that when it’s ready, you can be the first to know!

  4. Is there a monthly Calendar?  So glad you asked!  YES, and you can find it for FREE, right here!  (and make sure to grab it!  The monthly calendar is where you’ll plan out your artist, composer and poet studies for the month, as well as your habits and handiwork.)

  5. Do I have to print it in color?  Nope, but it’s ohsopretty if you do.  No worries though if you’ve only got black ink.  Print it off and leave it as it is, or color them in during one of your nature hikes!

  6. What kind of paper should I use? I prefer this one because it feels so much more sturdy and is a step up from regular printer paper.  It’s worth the few extra dollars to kick your planner up a notch.  However, that being said, plain old white paper will do just fine!  In upcoming posts, I’ll give you a look into my planner and how I arranged it.  I decided to print my calendar sheets on card stock and the rest of the sheets on 65lb paper. 

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