Butter Crisp Peasant Bread

Butter Crisp Peasant Bread :: Vintage Kids | Modern World Blog

This recipe has been a go-to at our house lately and it is absolutely ADDICTIVE.  It goes with everything and we’ve eaten it for breakfast, lunch, dinner and for snacks in between.  It’s the perfect mix of salty and sweet and the bottom crust crisps as it bakes, so it’s not tough, but actually tastes like crispy butter.  And the best part?  From start to finish, it’s ready in 2 hours.

It really is incredibly easy and is one recipe that my 10 and 8 year old girls can easily put together with glorious results!



And now I have to get to the OTHER best part…the stoneware pan that you see above.  This particular stoneware is actually more of a bowl and I’ve done baked stews, a casserole and even roasts and baked chicken in it before.  I grabbed it from Pampered Chef several years ago and it’s one of my all time favorites because when it comes to this buttery bread, it’s a match made in heaven.

Peasant bread is a very rustic recipe, it’s nothing fancy but has incredibly simple and light flavors, yet it’s hearty and filling.  Baking it in a stoneware pan only seems fitting. (This exact piece was discontinued, but the you can use their round baker ,which I love because it has a lid with it – my baking bowl doesn’t)

As I’ve started simplifying my kitchen, my stoneware pans have been those pieces that I return to again and again.  They’re incredibly versatile and absolutely non-toxic – so I won’t be finding any little black flecks of non-stick scariness in my casseroles or cupcakes.  A few notes on Pampered Chef stoneware…

  1. Amazing heat retention.

  2. Moisture is drawn away from food for light and crispy results.

  3. Won’t retain oils, odors or flavors.

  4. Nonstick “seasoning” builds up with every use: the darker it looks, the better it cooks!

  5. Microwave-, freezer- and conventional and convection oven-safe.

  6. Pan scraper included for easy cleanup.

  7. Made in the USA.

And before I share this amazing recipe with you, here comes the great part – I’m working with a dear friend Christiana and hosting an online Pampered Chef party – so you can browse their products in your jammies while sipping your coffee without feeling like everyone at the party is waiting for you to fill out that order slip and justbuysomethingalready.

Sorry. Not sorry.

Annnnnyway….I adore my Pampered Chef stoneware and kitchen tools that I’ve accumulated over the years.  They’re incredibly high quality and worth the slow investment – buy a few pieces here and there and stock up over time.

I did a little math, and if you’re a mama who cooks most of her family’s meals at home, that means you’re cooking somewhere in the neighborhood of 900 meals a month!! In my book, it’s worth it to buy kitchen tools that you love that can also become a family heirloom!

Butter Crisp Peasant Bread :: Vintage Kids | Modern World Blog
Butter Crisp Peasant Bread :: Vintage Kids | Modern World Blog

And now for the amazing buttery sweet recipe that I promised…


Butter Crisp Peasant Bread


  1. 2.5 tsp yeast

  2. 4 tsp coconut sugar or preferred sweetener

  3. 2 c. warm water

  4. 4 c flour

  5. 2 tsp sea salt

  6. 3 Tbs butter for the pan


In a large bowl, whisk together the water, yeast and sugar.

Once the yeast has dissolved, add in the flour and salt and mix thoroughly (the dough will be very wet)

Cover your bowl and set it in a warm spot for an hour.

In the mean time, thickly coat the inside of your bread pan with the butter (go heavy - trust me!)

After 60 minutes, transfer your sticky dough to the buttered pan and allow it to rise for another 30 minutes while your oven preheats.

Bake at 425 for 15 minutes, reduce the heat to 375 and cook an additional 10-15 minutes, or until the top is a golden brown.

Remove from the pan and allow it to cool for 10-15 minutes before slicing. Don't skip this part - if you leave it in the pan, the flavor is still amazing, but the crust will get soggy from the butter and the steam.

ok. If you can't wait 10-15 minutes for it to cool, I don't blame you...

Butter Crisp Peasant Bread :: Vintage Kids | Modern World Blog

*this giveaway is sponsored by me and is not affiliated with Pampered Chef, Amazon or Vintage Kids Modern World blog.  I just adore my cookware and want to share the love and add in a fun giveaway!

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