A New Chapter and My *HUGE* Announcement!

This past fall, I fell off of the cyber bandwagon and my little blog sat empty for several months.

All of you were fantastically loyal, and even though there was hardly a peep on my end, I was still greeted (daily!) by emails and comments that made my little heart happy.

Last time I disappeared it was as though aliens sucked out my brains and I simply forgot that, oh, its August.  School is starting.  I’m a homeschool mom, so there’s a good chance that I’ll be just slightly busy.

Yeah, totally forgot about that.

So, in the interest of educating my little people and being present in my three-dimensional life, I would pop on here to answer questions and comments, and then log off and swear to myself that I would carve out time to blog right after dinner.

Ok. Um. Maybe tomorrow before the kids get up.

Dang it.

I’ll blog next week.

And that continued til almost Thanksgiving, when I logged back on just before the holidays.  However, even though I rarely posted this fall, there have been ideas brewing and forming and puzzle pieces coming together, and I’m so excited to let you in on a secret that’s been forming backstage now for several months…

Things might be a little quiet here over the next week or so, because at the beginning of March, I’ll be launching another blog!

VF prelim logo 2 - 2400x760

And this new blog…oh this new blog.  It has my heart.

Over at Vintage Faith | Modern World, you’ll find posts dedicated solely to celebrating the Seven Biblical Feasts (Passover, Unleavened Bread, First Fruits, Pentecost, Yom Teruah, Yom Kippur and Tabernacles) that have been created and fulfilled by Jesus Christ.

This new site will be a data base of sorts for teaching yourself and your families what it means to celebrate the Feasts as Believers in Jesus, and we’ll be providing you with the resources, recipes, tools, crafts, devotionals and more so that you come away with a full-color picture of what Jesus intended the Feasts to be in the life of the Believer.

This site, Vintage Kids | Modern World is about my life – as a homeschooling mom, a cooker of weird, fermented whole foods, and a quasi-urban homesteader who dabbles in home remedies.

However, my new site, Vintage Faith | Modern World, well  – it is my life.  It’s not just about how I raise my children, but why I raise them as I do.  It will contain the teachings and stories that have made my faith come alive and have explained the Bible and Biblical tradition in simple stories with the most unimaginable complex layers and meanings.

I adore this little corner and we’ve carved out some fun posts along this 2 year journey here at Vintage Kids | Modern World (formerly Cheeky Bums).  I’ve loved sharing recipes, life hacks, funny stories,  DIYs, homeschooling encouragement, and the random posts that were just me rambling that you listened to (er, read) good naturedly.

All of this will remain the same, and with a tad more emphasis on education and homeschooling, kid-friendly recipes, and encouraging good old-fashioned manners and skills in our tech-savvy offspring.  So don’t go away – Vintage Kids | Modern World is in full swing and I have some awesome posts and giveaways planned for the next few weeks and months!

However, once the new site is up and running, I’d love for you to come over and visit me at Vintage Faith | Modern World!!  I have an incredibly talented and passionate group of ladies that will be blogging with me over there, and between us, we have so many things to share that I feel as though we’re bursting at the seems with words and teachings that will finally have a platform and outlet!

Celebrating the Biblical Feasts may be completely foreign to you, and quite frankly, of little interest to you.  I totally get it!  Regardless of your religious affiliation or lack thereof, I’d still love for you to pop over, browse around, and ask questions…it’ll prove to be a very interesting conversation!

So thanks for your patience as this new “baby” is born… I can’t wait to see you there!!

So until the curtain parts on this new blog, head over to the Vintage Faith | Modern World facebook page and like us to be the first to hear when the new site launches and to get on our mailing list!

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