I'm looking for beta testers for my updated Charlotte Mason Planner!

I've been working for several months now to update my current planner to reflect a more user friendly format that doesn't just help you record what you've done with your children, but it actually walks you through the steps of planning and executing a true-to-form Charlotte Mason philosophy of education with your children.

If you're a homeschooling mama, I need your help!

You do not need to be a blogger nor do you need to have purchased my previous planner, but you must have a social media presence on facebook, instagram and pinterest as you'll be using these for product reviews and promotion.

As a thanks for testing out my new planner, you'll receive the updated version completely free once it's released, and you'll also be elligble to join my affiliate team, to help promote the planner (you'll receive a generous sales commission for each planner purcahsed from your link!)!

interested?  apply here!

Please see the program dates listed below:
May 3-20 - Launch Team Applications
May 21 - Launch team chosen and contacted, and sent the updated planner
June 8 - internal reviews submitted
June 18 - updated planner released to launch team
June 25-29th  - Launch week of new planner